Twenty-five Energy Eco-Actions – Lisboa Green Capital 2020

Twenty-five Energy Eco-Actions

Hello! I’m Violeta, a true Lisboner and very proud of my city – Lisbon! I’m 10 years old; I’m still young, but I already know what my profession will be in the future: environmental engineer. Or maybe mechanics? Or energy? I still have some time to decide. But at home they even call me “Engineer Violeta”, so I’m already half way there!

My brother Lucas is 15 years old and likes sports and outdoor games more, but we have long play sessions with games and kits where we build buildings of the future, efficient houses and solar power plants.

Since I like science and math classes, I always end up being the one to explain to my parents – Vítor and Maria – everything about energy, especially how we can save it in our home.

In this year 2020, when Lisbon is the European Green Capital, I am discovering more and more things about the environment in the city, and I try to pass the word to my friends and the people I talk to. My brother Lucas is the one who hears me say the most often: Choose to evolve!

So come and discover the 25 gestures that, like me, you can share!

I live with my family in a Lisbon neighbourhood, in an old building that, like so many others, has never been very energy efficient. One day I heard about the energy certificates, a document that gives us the energy category of our house, giving tips on how to improve it. It works as a score that is given to all houses, according to their energy efficiency, rating them with letters: F for the least efficient and A+ for the most efficient.

Of course, I went straight to my parents to see the certificate from our house! I found out then that I had an energy category C. Like most Portuguese houses, you can improve in at least 2 classes.

In this document we were advised to change windows and to better insulate the walls, the roof and the floor, places where we lost a lot of energy. I have talked so much about this that my parents decided to re-qualify our house: now we have new windows, new insulation and we have also changed the water heating system. It seems that Santa Claus will bring us solar panels in his slipper and then we will be the champions of energy efficiency!