Unveiling of ZER – Reduced Emissions Zone – Lisboa Green Capital 2020

Unveiling of ZER – Reduced Emissions Zone

Today, the ZER – Reduced Emissions Zone of Avenida, Baixa, Chiado was presented at the Lisboa Green Capital store. As mentioned by Fernando Medina, Mayor of Lisbon, this is “one of the most striking projects of this municipal mandate, a central project for the Lisboa Green Capital”.

The reduction of pollution and congestion, together with the improvement of the quality of life, are the top priorities of this project. Concerns and priorities are also felt and put into practice by several cities around the world, such as London, Paris, Madrid or Oslo (our predecessor in the European Green Capital Award).

As Fernando Medina explained, these changes result from the commitment to reduce C02 emissions by 60% by 2030 and to attain carbon neutrality by 2050.

This axis – Avenida /Baixa /Chiado – is the area of the city with the greatest coverage of public transportation, as Medina said. Here we have 2 train lines, 2 subway lines, 2 fluvial stations, 15 Carris lines, 10 taxi stands and more than 5,000 parking spaces. However, in order to reinforce and improve even more the public transportation in this area, a new 100% electric Carris career will be created, which will connect the Marquês de Pombal to the Praça do Comércio, as well as the doubling of the Dawn network.

The changes implemented and put into practice from June onwards will lead to a 40% reduction in cars in this area – in practice there will be 40,000 less cars driving on this route every day – as well as a 60-ton decrease in CO2 per year, which puts Lisbon in a good position in regard to the Green Deal’s objectives.

From February onwards, presentations at the parish councils, meetings with residents’ and traders’ associations, and the Municipal Assembly will begin. Following this, the Mayor of Lisbon stresses that “we really need these changes. We need a city that is more friendly to people, to the Lisboners, to tourists. A more humane city with a quality of life and with the motto ‘the street is yours'”.

In the following month, the plan will be sent for public consultation and in May the registration of authorized vehicles will begin. In June and July the first phase will begin, with a more informative and awareness-raising character; in August the accesses will be fully controlled.

What will change:

Avenida da Liberdade:

  • a 40% reduction in vehicles before Baixa, with the elimination of crossing traffic and segmentation of vehicles authorised from Rossio;
  • reduction of the use of Avenida da Liberdade as an exit route from the city;
  • replacement of the original model of ascending/descending traffic on the sides;
  • enlargement and recovery of sidewalks and pavements;
  • reduction of parking spaces on the surface;
  • introduction of bicycle lanes connecting the city’s central axis to the riverside area;
  • specific places for loading and unloading and drop-off of passengers on the sides;
  • reduction of an upstream road in the central corridor between the Restauradores and Barata Salgueiro;
  • creation of the public promenade between Restauradores and Praça da Alegria.

Avenida Almirante Reis:

  • new bidirectional bicycle lane acessing the downtown, between Praça de Chile and Martim Moniz;
  • general requalification, including the requalification of Martim Moniz and Praça da Figueira.

Baixa- Chiado:

  • reduced emission zone with access control;
  • guaranteed access for residents, shop keepers, parking and garage owners, electric vehicles and motorcycles;
  • improvement of exclusive surface and underground parking for residents;
  • sorting loads and unloads and restricting timetables and drop-off places, by privileging night time;
  • creation of logistic-hub-of-support to the downtown area, to be developed in partnership with local economic agents;
  • gain of public space by eliminating surface parking spaces;
  • qualification and pedestrianisation of several spaces in the area;
  • reinforcement of public transport;
  • creation of cycle links between the central axis and the riverside area: Av. da Liberdade – Rua do Ouro and Av. Almirante Reis – Rua dos Fanqueiros;
  • reinforcement of the pedestrian character of Rua Nova do Almada and Rua Garrett, Largo do Chiado and Rua Misericórdia;
  • Improvement of circulation conditions in Rua dos Fanqueiros;
  • Prevent access to occasional tourist buses and limit tuk tuks to the number of parking spaces.

For more information on the project: http://zer.lisboa.pt/.