The Tropical Botanical Garden reopens to the public – Lisboa Green Capital 2020

The Tropical Botanical Garden reopens to the public

The Tropical Botanical Garden in Belém reopened to the public last January 25th, after being closed down for the requalification of some infrastructures, such as lighting, water networks or signage. In this first phase of requalification, besides the renovation works, new areas were also opened to the public, such as the fantastic Cactus Garden.

At the opening ceremony, the Rector of the University of Lisbon António Cruz Serras said that this is only the first of a series of works that will take place in the future, but that will not lead to the closure of the garden. One of the next works is the restoration of the main greenhouse, the tea house project, as well as the works at the Palace of the Counts of Calheta.

The Mayor of Lisbon Fernando Medina recalled the historical, environmental, cultural and scientific importance of the space, an essential element in the city of Lisbon.

The Tropical Botanical Garden has always been connected to science and education and for the Minister of Science, Technology and Higher Education this connection will continue to exist because “this is a scientific space where science was made and will continue to be made”.

With an area of 7 hectares the garden takes us on a journey around the globe. One of the most emblematic spaces is the Garden of the East. Access to this space happens via two entrances, the Moon Door and the Arch of Macau. Here we find exotic plants, combined with sculptural and oriental landscape elements such as red-coloured bridges or a replica of the Camões Cave in Macau, all in order to transport us to the other side of the world.