Sustainability challenges for the 21st century – Lisboa Green Capital 2020

Sustainability challenges for the 21st century

The Institute of Academic Studies Adriano Moreira organized, as part of the 500th anniversary of Fernão de Magalhães’ circumnavigation trip and the election of Lisbon as European Green Capital 2020, a cycle of free conferences entirely dedicated to the sustainability of Man on Planet Earth. This cycle is divided into three parts, starting on 27 January:

I. Global changes;
II. The scientific impact of Fernão de Magalhães’ journey;
III. Challenges for a sustainable future.

Filipe Duarte Santos, professor of Physics at the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon and researcher in environmental sciences (with a focus on global change and climate change), was the speaker who initiated this cycle of conferences in which he addressed the challenges of sustainability for the 21st century.

For the teacher, participating in this cycle related to Fernão Magalhães is a great responsibility given that the navigator “deserves the respect of all of us Portuguese”.

Filipe Santos reinforced that we live in a world different from Magalhães’: “The world has evolved, the population has grown and today there are specific sustainability problems”. In this sense, the professor highlighted the positive progress at a global level derived from the agreements made by countries in relation to the objectives of sustainable development. The speaker also pointed out the importance of the current reports on the fulfillment of goals by countries and the agenda of 2030 – consisting of 17 objectives and 169 goals to be achieved by 2030 – which aims for the development of human societies while respecting the sustainability of the planet.

The scholar also talked about global energy consumption and how the scenarios are different on different continents. However, the professor pointed out that in general, and especially in Europe, there has been a progressive abandonment of fossil sources, thus promoting an electric matrix as green as possible.