Salty Toys – Let’s do a lot with little – Lisboa Green Capital 2020

Salty Toys – Let’s do a lot with little

Tema: Bonecos Salgados | Salty Toys

Visual artist Ricardo Nicolau has been collecting rubbish from Portuguese beaches for twenty years, but it was four years ago that he decided to start creating characters with the plastics he finds.

This exercise of citizenship, of taking trash that is ours and not the ocean’s, and recreating from it, is something that does not go unnoticed at Theater, where the artist’s new children’s exhibition is located.

“Salty Toys” is an environmental criticism where Ricardo reminds children that nature cannot be forgotten.

Each character – these dolls and three-dimensional faces – is made from pieces that Ricardo collects from sand and uses each of them without cutting or breaking. They are colorful and completely different dolls that lead us on the journey of rethinking actions and values, because we are part of a living ecosystem that needs urgent care.

“Salty Toys” is free admission and is on display until February 2nd at – Luís de Camões Theatre.