ModaLisboa Awake – a call for sustainability in the fashion industry – Lisboa Green Capital 2020

ModaLisboa Awake – a call for sustainability in the fashion industry

Since 2017, ModaLisboa has promoted several events on behalf of a fairer, safer and more transparent fashion industry. An example of this was the Global Fashion Exchange Lisbon held within the 48th edition of Lisbon Fashion Week, consisting of various activities such as workshops, networking events, art installations and a Swap Market, where it was possible to renew your wardrobe through the exchange of clothes and at no cost, thus promoting a sustainable attitude and avoiding the waste of clothing.

In the Fast Talks sustainability is often also chosen as a topic of conversation. In each issue several people from the area are invited to talk about what they are doing to respond to the environmental and ethical emergencies in this industry. With this, the public enriches their knowledge and has contact with those who are doing something to make the fashion sector better.

Taking advantage of this commitment that already existed and taking advantage of the fact that Lisbon is, this year, the European Green Capital, Fashion Week actions are focused on sustainability.

So from March 5 to 8 it is possible to watch conversations about what can be done to make brands more sustainable, such as “You are How You Buy” – where one intends to approach a more conscious consumption or learn to distinguish true sustainability from a marketing action and “The Future is Collaborative” – which intends to show that collaboration is the only way to grow in a balanced and sustainable way.

In turn, at the Wonder Room it will be possible to get to know some brands that bet on sustainability as a way of life. Also at the entrance of ModaLisboa, in the Lounge, there will be some brands that promote more environmentally friendly attitudes – Catalyst, Fashion Revolution, Planetiers and WWF, talking about how the future can be green and how water is the most precious luxury asset, in order to educate and raise awareness among those willing to do so. It will also be possible to deposit the clothes that you no longer want, but that others may want, in the three Humana containers customized by the artists Rita Ravasco, Gonçalo Mar and RAF.

In addition to this attempt to raise public awareness for the environmental and ethical urgency in the fashion industry, ModaLisboa has also signed the Lisbon Green Capital 2020 – Climate Action 2030 Commitment, where it undertakes to implement various actions/measures by 2030 as well:

  • Install LED lighting in all buildings where Lisbon Fashion Week is held;
  • Provide employees with a free monthly public transport pass;
  • Increase the sending of waste for recycling by 50%;
  • Eliminate the use of single-use plastics;
  • Promote Green Capital materials by all employees and associates;
  • Hold events or conferences during the Green Capital year and subsequent years;
  • Communicate the city’s goals in the ModaLisboa communication channels;
  • Create several dynamics in the area of sustainability for the general public, including conferences and a sustainable lounge;
  • Create and disseminate the best practice manual for the implementation of more sustainable solutions to partners and sponsors.