Lisbon City Hall’s car fleet is increasingly sustainable – Lisboa Green Capital 2020

Lisbon City Hall’s car fleet is increasingly sustainable

It is in 2020 that Lisbon holds the title of European Green Capital 2020, but environmental concerns were beginning to be felt well before.

In the Government Program for the City of Lisbon (2018-2021), one of the objectives was to promote electric mobility in the city. In order to set an example to companies, citizens and operators in the city, the municipality adopted a series of practices in order to make its mobility as ecological as possible.

The measures include the renewal of both the fleet of light vehicles and the rest, always aiming at the most ecological, sustainable and efficient way to do so. Thus, 91% of the light passenger fleet already consists of electrics and hybrids – 174 electrics and 18 hybrids.

In order to complement these practices, measures are being adopted that allow and encourage better mobility habits by city officials, such as the use of an application for car sharing, as well as the creation of a garage to support them.