Circular Economy in the 11th International Technical Conferences on Waste – Lisboa Green Capital 2020

Circular Economy in the 11th International Technical Conferences on Waste

Distribution of 4000 thousand household composters, door-to-door selective collection of household waste and a food waste management app are some of the municipality’s bets for the year when Lisbon is the European Green Capital.

This year, the International Technical Days of Waste left the North of Portugal and headed to the capital and the beautiful Coach Museum to tell us about circular economy. From 14 to 18 November several ideas promoting recycling, reuse and waste reduction were discussed.

With the circular economy as the motto for the Technical Conferences, Lisbon’s strategy involves “using all resources, with waste management centred on a circular economy, through the reintroduction of waste into the product’s life cycle, reusing and recycling” – a kind of Lavosier law applied to the environment.

Among the various projects of the European Green Capital 2020 the following are noteworthy: the distribution of 4,000 household composters, leading to a reduction of production by 1,000t/year; the introduction of door-to-door selective collection of biowaste and the creation of an online tool for food waste management – C. Zero Waste App.

The first day ended with a video that contained an interesting premise that summed up these days quite well: “The circular economy is no longer an abstract concept and has become part of our lives”.