“Atlantic Almada, Sea of my land” – Lisboa Green Capital 2020

“Atlantic Almada, Sea of my land”

The last day of February was the date chosen for the presentation of the new documentary about the waters of Almada – “Atlantic Almada, Sea of my land”.

The documentary is a production developed by Almada City Council in partnership with the photographer and director Luís Quinta, one of the most prestigious nature photographers in the country. Through beautiful footage, Luís wants to show us the valuable natural heritage and ecological diversity of Almada’s Atlantic front marine environment, in order to “educate our society and to leave a planet with life to the next generations”, as Nuno Matias, Almada’s Councillor for the Environment, said.

The sea orchestra – an inclusion project of the E.B.2.3 school of Trafaria, prepared us for the environment of indescribable maritime beauty that we were going to see. Dressed in costumes that reminded us of the nets we could often find in the waters and with instruments that went from drums to buzios and shells, we soon forgot that we were at the Teatro Municipal Joaquim Benite and were easily transported to the bottom of the sea.

After this performance, it’s time to watch the documentary, which also intends to be a reminder for a central issue: “We have to have the perception that we can negotiate with man, but never with nature”, stressed the Councillor.

For about an hour we stroll along the fine sands of the Almadian coast, dive with blue sharks and travel to the depths of the Lisbon cannon, where the waters are cold and rich in food. We saw the beautiful submerged rock formations, full of soft corals and invertebrates that hide in this environment. We play with the friendly striped dolphins and we are treated to the rare appearance of pilot whales. We delight in the synchronization of the garfish and marvel at the image of the orcas that during the winter over and down our coast, almost unnoticeably.

This documentary, with the mythical voice of Eduardo Rêgo guiding us through the secrets of the Almada coast, has screenings scheduled in SIC’s “Vida Selvagem” program.

In addition to this film, a book with more than 100 nature photographs, which aim to illustrate from micro animals of plankton to large whales, as well as scientific illustrations and field drawings of great technical accuracy, is being completed.