Sustainable Fashion Business – Lisboa Green Capital 2020

Sustainable Fashion Business

23 October a 23 October

A Powerful Vision For The Future

The most innovative international conference on Sustainable Fashion will take place in Portugal, at the Academy of Sciences in Lisbon, on the 23rd of October. The main goal of the Sustainable Fashion Business conference is to celebrate Portugal as one of the premier destinations in Europe for international and national fashion brands and companies to develop and produce their collections.

Relevant international brands such as Pangaia and Farfetch, among others will be taking part in this conference. These will be joined by innovative projects from creative people like Alan Crocetti, Rombaut, Priya Ahluwalia and many more. Throughout the day topics such as Portugal's place in sustainable fashion production, the importance of the circular economy, Green Capital financing for companies focusing on sustainability, etc. will be discussed. Besides the sustainable production experiences presented in the first person, it will also be possible to get to know some projects through an exhibition that will take place on-site.

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