Summer Solstice – Lisboa Green Capital 2020

Summer Solstice

Centro de Arqueologia de Lisboa
20 June a 20 June



Megalithic Monuments and Their Link to the Summer Solstice

Solstices are natural phenomena studied by astronomy. They are defined as the moment when the sun while moving in the celestial sphere, reaches the greatest declination in latitude when measured from the equator line. They occur in the northern hemisphere on June 21 and December 21 and mark the onset of summer and winter respectively.
The peoples of the past, particularly those who practiced agriculture and pastoralism, attributed a sacred meaning to these moments. In Portugal, there are several prehistoric monuments that bear witness to this.
On June 20, we will be able to learn a little more about the megalithic monuments of Extremadura and Alentejo and their connection to the summer solstice. Admission is free but upon prior registration. For more information / registration: / 218 172 180.