Beethoven Pastoral Symphony – Lisboa Green Capital 2020

Beethoven Pastoral Symphony

CCB - Grande Auditório
25 April a 25 April

Beethoven Pastoral Symphony

Premiered with the Fifth Symphony, on December 22, 1808, in Vienna, at the Theater an der Wien, in a concert that has gone down in history, this symphony announces a "programme" in its title "Pastoral Symphony or Remembrance of Life in the Countryside", accompanied by a brief explanation: "More of an expression of feeling than painting". After many hesitations, it was Beethoven himself who gave indications in relation to the "program" suggested by the titles of the movements, insisting, however, on the subjective character of the sensations he had proposed to express, refusing any pictorial and simply descriptive interpretation - "it is left to the listener to find the situation...".

The titles of the movements are:
I. “Awakening of cheerful feelings”;
II. “Scene by the brook”;
III. “Merry gathering of country folk”;
IV. “Thunder, Storm”;
V. “Shepherd's song, cheerful and thankful feelings after the storm”.

Perhaps this is why this is Beethoven's symphony which is most easily associated with the countryside and nature, in a true tribute to the seasons, the countryside and life.