The Sea Is Our Land – Lisboa Green Capital 2020

The Sea Is Our Land

CCB - Garagem Sul
10 March 2020 a 17 January



The Sea Is Our Land

Tema: Nature

The Atlantic Ocean is an ample and complex space that affects a large part of our lives. In terms of land, a coastline is not a line, it is a constant flow. This exhibition maps and presents the contradictions that exist between land and sea, from the point of view of architecture, land management and the construction to the landscape. This subject, which is so sensitive and important for Portuguese society, has earned the attention of a group of architects who have challenged the conventional limits of the discipline. Taking as its starting point the physical contradictions and popular culture of the beach at Figueira da Foz, the exhibition examines a series of experiments in thinking about, drawing and configuring coastlines and their relationship with the great immensity of the ocean. Instead of considering water as a limit or a space of confrontation, the sea can and must be thought of as a partner in our construction of the land.