Natura 2020: Lisbon Eco Video Festival – Lisboa Green Capital 2020

Natura 2020: Lisbon Eco Video Festival

Estufa Fria
18 September a 26 September

Natura 2020: Lisbon Eco Video Festival

Integrated into the Lisbon Green Capital European 2020 initiative, the Lisbon Municipal Archive, Video Library is organizing the first Lisbon Ecovideo Festival, LISBON NATURA 2020, which will take place between 18 and 26 September 2020 at the Greenhouse Cold. The objective of this festival is to promote reflection, discussion, and dissemination of environmental and animal issues specifically related to the Portuguese capital.

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The Official Selection of Lisbon Natura 2020 is concluded and gathers a set of films that reveals us different looks about Nature and the natural environment in Lisbon. There are multiple variants of this dimension that the current state of pandemics has highlighted the urgency of observing and preserving.

The directors and directors were invited to share ideas about the nature of the city and in the city, to think about this space, experienced and perceptible in portraits of the real but also in the domains of the desirable and the imagined.

The participating works will constitute an Ecovideographic Archive in the digital platform of the Lisbon City Hall.

Official Selection: