Lusco-Fusco (Twilight) – Lisboa Green Capital 2020
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Lusco-Fusco (Twilight)

Polo Cultural Gaivotas | Boavista - Pátio
09 July a 11 September

Lusco-Fusco (Twilight)

Lusco-Fusco (Twilight) is a section of the program by Gaivotas Cultural Hub | Boavista - Cultural Action Division equipment. With free entry, it takes place during the summer in the headquarters’ courtyard (the schoolyard of the former Escola das Gaivotas). It's varied in the arts and inspired by the territory it occupies.

Between 2016 and 2019 the Hub showed a diverse program including concerts, films, dinners with gastronomy and sounds from varied sources, theatre plays, performances, talks, and a micro-exhibition. It involved the entities based in the Hub's offices and other cultural structures from the territory.
In 2020 the Hub aims to continue to assert itself as a space of reference and meeting of the community living in this part of the city. It also aims to introduce artistic proposals that have been developed in or that includes themes about the neighborhood or area where the Hub is, embracing the axis announced this year in the Lisbon European Green Capital program.
For 2020 it is expected the creation of a curatorial panel of informal programmers, made up of residents and people who enjoy the neighborhood where the Hub is. This panel will commission part of the Lusco-Fusco (Twilight) program, which will have as criteria the awareness for the environmental causes,

Thus, whether by selecting the artistic proposals to be presented, by their themes or approaches, or by the means of dissemination and production of this same festival, they will seek to follow the lines drawn by this Lisbon, European Green Capital Programme, namely, through respect for the environment and nature, dematerialization, recycling, and the reuse of resources.

We have once again opened our gate to the Lusco-Fusco of summer days in Lisbon.