Staged Cycle Readings +Azul – Lisboa Green Capital 2020
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Staged Cycle Readings +Azul - Teatro Luís de Camões
06 January 2020 a 19 January 2020



Staged Cycle Readings +Azul

Starting from Sara Amado's selection of books for the Bluer Cycle,
We chose 3 for these staged readings. Talk about life, the earth, nature
and the balance that exists between all these parts and each of us.
Lying or sitting on the cushions that are spread across the Entrepiso of the
LU.CA, let's hear and see these stories take shape when they come out
from inside the books. Schools:
January 10: 10:30 and 14:30, 15, 16 and 17 January: 14:30
January 12th and 19th: 11:30 pm