Countless Hands – Lisboa Green Capital 2020

Countless Hands

Espaço Fábrica das Artes - CCB
19 May a 06 June



Countless Hands

Tema: Art | Nature

Inúmera Mão (Countless Hands) is the result of a shared process in which we give vent to our imagination, summoning up the strength and beauty of a collective will. The installation brings together the various contributions of children, families, and professionals taking part in a project of intervention at the level of artistic practices and environmental education through training activities, performances and a series of scenic and sculptural objects, linked to the audio-visual world and reminding us of the need to listen to the birds. In kindergartens and schools, these objects are transformed by the hands of children, their parents, and teachers, and then finally integrated into the Inúmera Mão installation. Let’s take care of the birds!