Exposição In/Situ – Lisboa Green Capital 2020

Exposição In/Situ

Estufa Fria
12 November 2020 a 21 March

Seg a Dom | 09h00 às 17h00

Exposição In/Situ

At a time in the history of the Planet when the human being is questioning his own existence, permanence, and carbon footprint relative to a fourth industrial revolution (Klaus Schwab), boosted by exponential technological acceleration where issues such as Anthropocene, transhumanism, DNA manipulation and genetics as well as other issues adjacent to these movements influence and accelerate a new paradigm of transition.

This is a moment where the frequent "scroll" to reality, through the search for "new stories", contributes to the loss of reference to contemplation, increasingly contributing to the removal of the human being from the elements of nature. Here is a reflection in which the cultural and natural landscape are not opposing languages, which can manifest themselves as complementary, an intimate dialogue, between nature and culture. This intentional shift aims to play with the idea of creation in the condition of its remote and seminal origin, thereby seeking to nourish our desire for a universal language, an intelligible structure capable of mirroring the collective unconscious in an era saturated with interfaces and satellites - technological, artificial - by returning an emotional and contemplative experience to the universe of visual representation.

In this dialogue - man/nature - there is thus a question of a moment, an epoch, wherein a certain way there is a restlessness on the part of those who inhabit a space from which the whole cannot be apprehended, where speed is proportional to oblivion, generating a condition which leads us to reinvent the way we read and interpret reality and in which new forms of dialogue, human relationships, and processes of contemplation and relationship with pre-existing elements of man are debated. In a so-called contemporary society, controlled by artificial satellites, where the speed of the post-digital generation dictates time and substitutes the natural/analog world in an artificial way.

Within this paradigm, the curatorial project InSitu is presented, which materializes in two exhibitions in different green spaces - in Braga, in the forest of the Monastery of São Martinho de Tibães, and in Lisbon, in the Greenhouse Cold. Both present five unpublished works, curated and developed by five artists: Adrien Missika, Inês Norton, Nicolás Lamas, Paulo Arraiano, and Pedro Vaz. The artists were challenged to create works that enter into dialogue with the place where they are exhibited and also among the works created for the exhibitions in Lisbon and Braga. A project curated by Inês Valle.

The Insitu Project, consisting of the AL/TAR and VER/DE exhibitions, Braga and Lisbon respectively, is included in the official Lisbon Capital Green 2020 programming, a project developed with the support of GreenFest. A project with the institutional and financial support of CMB and CML

1) Mire Monastery of Tibães: 25.09.2020 until 21.03.2021
2) Lisbon Cold War: 11.11.2020 by 21.03.2021