World Drought and Desertification Day – Lisboa Green Capital 2020

World Drought and Desertification Day

Centro de Arqueologia de Lisboa
17 June 2020 a 17 June 2020



The Neolithic in the "Green Paradise" and the Missing Savannah in North Africa

Tema: Climate

Climate change and the advance of desertification have "radically" altered the North of the African landscape. This change began 8,000 years ago leading to the Sahara Desert as we know it today. The Neolithic populations living in this region had links with their counterparts in southern Spain and Portugal. These links and how the advance of the sands changed the way of life of these populations will be the main issues we will talk about in this conference. Through a dialogue between the presenter and the audience, the aim is to raise awareness of the problem of desertification and the frequent lack of water. Admission is free but upon prior registration. For more information / registration: / 218 172 180.