World Tree Day – Lisboa Green Capital 2020

World Tree Day

Miradouro dos Montes Claros
21 March 2020 a 21 March 2020



Come Meet Monsanto

Tema: Outdoor

Come meet Monsanto
7000 years ago, the vegetable zone of Extremadura was quite different from what we see today. It was characterized by forested areas full of oaks, walnuts, poplars, and birches, alternating with open spaces of shrubby plants. The weather was also significantly warmer and wetter than the current one. These characteristics favored the human occupations of Prehistory. On World Tree Day, Monsanto invites us for a walk that will start at the Mirador de Montes Claros. While enjoying the beautiful view, we will learn from a conversation about the changes that have occurred so far and the importance of maintaining forested areas, as well as the work done by archaeologists in the Monsanto Forest Park under the “A Monsanto Prehistory ”. For more information / registration: / 218 172 180