The Animals Council – Lisboa Green Capital 2020
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The Animals Council

Museu Bordalo Pinheiro
06 January 2020 a 19 June 2020

The World of Tales

What is a fable? What is it for? Like La Fontaine, Aesop or Phaedrus, many authors dealt with this theme and Bordalo Pinheiro was no exception. Which fables are hidden in your creative world? Between pottery and drawing, there are countless characters who tell us stories and leave us a message. Through careful observation of some pieces, we'll discover this artist's passions and reflect on the social and environmental issues associated with them. We all have an important voice in society and so we'll exercise the critical and informed eye by creating our fables through a multidisciplinary language. In this council, we have a giant die and each face throws its challenge: drawing, writing, sculpture, body expression, caricature. In the world of tales, you have to give your imagination wings!