Lisbon 2020 Environment Biennial – Lisboa Green Capital 2020

Lisbon 2020 Environment Biennial

CCB - Pequeno Auditório
27 September a 27 September



Water and the inter-relationships with human beings and marine biology

The first Lisbon 2020 Environment Biennial aims to create a new and effective model of communication on global climate change, where contemporary artistic practice interacts with scientific academic discourse - The Art of Scientific Communication.

Fernanda D'Agostino, artist (USA)
Prof. José Xavier (Portugal)
Evgenia Emets, multidisciplinary artist, creator of the project Eternal Forest (Russia/Portugal)
Daniela Arriado, director of the Screen City Biennial 2019, Ecologies – Lost, Found and Continued, Oslo (Norway)

Moderator Prof. Rui Agostinho (Astrofísico)