Bienal do Ambiente – Lisbon 2020 – Lisboa Green Capital 2020

Bienal do Ambiente – Lisbon 2020

CCB - Pequeno Auditório
24 May a 24 May



The Cryosphere and the impacts of polar defrosting on the oceans

The first Lisbon 2020 Environment Biennial aims to create a new and effective model of communication on global climate change, where contemporary artistic practice interacts with scientific academic discourse - The Art of Scientific Communication.

- The rising level of the oceans
- Global warming and the socio-economic implications for the world's coastal zones

Esther Kokmeijer, artist (The Netherlands)
Prof. Gonçalo Vieira, IGOT (Portugal)
Maria Rebecca Ballestra, director for Festival For The Earth, Monaco 2019
Patrícia Furtado Mendonça, Acqua Mater (Brasil)

Moderator Prof. Rui Agostinho (Astrofísico)