Anthropocene Lisbon Campus – Lisboa Green Capital 2020

Anthropocene Lisbon Campus

06 January 2020 a 11 January 2020



Anthropocene Lisbon Campus

Anthropocene: an academic term (albeit contested) that represents changes of human origin that currently affect in an unprecedented way the Earth and its ecosystems. In 2014, the Max Planck and Haus der Kulturen der Welt institutes created the Anthropocene Curriculum to explore a new interdisciplinary culture of knowledge and learning. The project challenges us to consciously understand, navigate and shape a future where the forces of technology, culture, industry and society act within the limits and resources of our planet. Like a parallax — a change in position of an object when viewed from different positions — it can think beyond the sciences and investigate new ways of knowing.

Anthropocene Campus Lisbon: Parallax is organized by CIUHCT - Interuniversity Center for the History of Science and Technology. From January 6-11, Culturgest accepts a set of seminars and events, with participation subject to application to the project website ( until September 15. On January 7th and 9th, we invited the public for two interviews and an exhibition by New York artist Aidan Koch in the Grand Auditorium lobby (free access).