Before the Beginning and After the End – Lisboa Green Capital 2020

Before the Beginning and After the End

Atelier-Museu Júlio Pomar
29 November 2019 a 01 March 2020

10h-13h e 14h-18h


Júlio Pomar e Hugo Canoilas Exhibition

Tema: Art

The exhibition "Before the Beginning and After the End" by Júlio Pomar and Hugo Canoilas, curated by Sara Antónia Matos, continues after an Atelier-Museum Exhibition Program, that each year tries to meet the works of Júlio Pomar with other artists to establish new relations between the author's work and contemporaneity.

In a fictional approach that seeks to highlight the thinking about what was before the beginning of the world (humanity) and what will be after the end of it (humanity), problematizing the relationship of art, with the idea of extinction, biodiversity and planetary coexistence, the exhibition shows, on one hand, the enormous diversity of animals that Júlio Pomar has represented over 70 years in his work, in different techniques and materials.

On the other hand, and in dialogue with the work of Júlio Pomar, by Hugo Canoilas, there is an extensive body of work that the artist has developed in recent years around a sometimes prehistoric or pre-apocalyptic figuration, and by sometimes post-apocalyptic, in a spectacular critical attempt to provoke thinking about society, about the relationship with art and nature through art.