Green Alvalade – Lisboa Green Capital 2020
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Green Alvalade

Mercado de Alvalade
15 February a 15 February


Green Alvalade

Lectures and activities on circular economy and sustainable development.

10h30 – Talkmoderated by Eunice Maia (loja Maria Granel), guests:
- Cátia Curica: Organi and Unii Bio Shop
- Inês Cancela: Director of daycare with sustainable educational project
- Anna Masiello: Creator of the R- Coat brand, which transforms damaged umbrellas into waterproofs, and activist against food waste
- Ana Costa: CEO of Baseville and director of The Catalyste, specialist in sustainable fashion, textiles and conscious consumption
12h00 – Invitation to taste the soup made with excess ingredients
12h30 – Offer of cloth bags, so that they can be used in the market.