Miss Tiny Droplet (A Menina Gotinha D’Água) – Lisboa Green Capital 2020

Miss Tiny Droplet (A Menina Gotinha D’Água)

CCB - Pequeno Auditório
18 December a 19 December

Miss Tiny Droplet (A Menina Gotinha D'Água)

The Children's Opera Miss Tiny Droplet tells us about the water cycle, indispensable for the life of men on planet Earth. It tells the story of a little drop of water that departs from the sea, evaporates, travels with the wind alongside so many millions of other little drops of water, which as it turns into rain, give life to flowers and food to men, who descend to the bottom of the earth, awaken in a fountain, a thread of water, a stream that turns into a river and returns to the sea. The opera scenario appropriates at the same time the children's visual imaginary, the real image and the digital image; where the drawings, the videos, the representations and their transformations together with the movements/chorus choreography contribute to the perception and enjoyment of music and history. The music, sung by children, mixes spoken and sung voices, sound transformations of the voice in real time, sounds of nature and electronic sounds diffused in space.