“The Age of Steam Energy” Exhibition Grand Opening – Lisboa Green Capital 2020

“The Age of Steam Energy” Exhibition Grand Opening

Biblioteca Nacional de Portugal
08 October 2020 a 09 January



The Early Years (1820-1870) 2nd Centenary of the Introduction of Steam Energy in Portugal

The exhibition aims, through documentation in both the national library and other archives, to show the introduction of steam energy in Portugal, following the effects of the British Industrial Revolution on the European continent and consequently in the country.
Knowledge of the importance of steam energy and its inherent steam generators and machines (whether boilers, engines or containers) has been central to the historical investigation of the Steam Energy Era Project in Portugal (IHC)...
This show focuses on the early period of the Steam Age, ie between 1820 and 1870, when the diffusion and dissemination of steam throughout the national territory was quite notorious and indispensable for changing the paradigm of the country's economic and social structures, having a key contribution to the modernity and modification of scientific and technological mindsets and culture.
The exhibition is conceived in four cores:

I - Experiences, Inventions, and Failures: Steam in Portugal before 1820
II - Introduction of steam in Portugal: Bom Sucesso, Lisbon (1820-1834);
III - The Diffusion of Steam in the Portuguese Industry (1835-1870);
IV - Locomotives and Locomotives: the steam in the railroad and in agriculture (1850-1870).

Each core has a callout. Objects are two-dimensional (engravings, photographs, documents, and books) and three-dimensional (miniature models and models). All objects will have a subtitle in Portuguese and English.