Lisboa Green Capital 2020

Choose to evolve.

Those who want the plastic bag and the straw.

And those who always leave the lights on.

A greener future.


On June 21st 2018, Lisbon was awarded the title of European Green Capital 2020. The distinction, which is the result of the assessment of a set of international experts on 12 indicators aimed at assessing sustainability in the city, was announced by the European Commissioner for Environment, Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, Karmenu Vella.

To the indifferent”

We need the indifferent, the conformed and the skeptical.
We need those who care too much about the car.
And those who do not turn off the light.
We need those who let the water run.
And those who linger in the bath.
We need those who trash the sea.
And those who throw into the air.
We need the pessimists and the consumerists.
Those who want a straw. The plastic bag. And the disposables.
We need those who recycle apologies and nothing else.
Those who do not want it and those who do not believe it.
We even need those who mean no harm.
We need the indifferent.
We can no longer save the world without them.

European Green Capital Lisbon 2020

Choose to evolve.